7 Basic Living Skills

Living Skills 1-3 avoid divorce

The first several living skills avoid divorce. The rest lead to bliss. Fitzpatrick maintains that any person who changes their own behavior by using the first two living skills of the 7 he teaches, can get the same results with difficult partners, children, parents, friends and coworkers if they are addiction free. Learn how to be a creator and use a 2nd thought instead of an impulsive reaction. The measure of a person is how they handle conflict. Learn “The 7 Peaceful Answers to Conflict. Fitzpatrick now trains, drills and teaches counselors and the public in seminars for groups who wish to learn the 7 Basic Living Skills taught in this “28 Domestic Violence Classes” page download and the dating skills in his book “Dating by Brain Type.” The material in “Are You Addicted? Is He? Is She?” is included in the “7 Basic Living Skills.

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